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"Sneaking a Peek into History"
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Christmas at the White House        
The 2014 Christmas show is "Christmas at the White House". Come with Sneak Peek Productions as we walk
through the grandeur of the White House at Christmas time. From Presidents past, we look at decorations, trees
and ceremony through pictures, words and music. If you want to experience an old-fashioned American Christmas,
this is the show for you.

Crime and Punishment       
Colonial Americans did not have HBO, bowling or shopping malls. So what did they do for sport and entertainment?
Well, they spied on their neighbors, of course! We examine punishments for law-breakers and the tools used to
carry out these punishments. Everyone in the audience is a criminal, so BEWARE, and sneak a peek into
punishments, colonial style, if you DARE.
This show is strictly for adults only. The material and handouts are
mature in nature.

Dolley Madison Remembers        
Of the early First Ladies in the United States, Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison, fourth President of the
United States, has been considered the most colorful. In her eight years in Washington, D.C.  (1809-1817), she
made the President's Mansion a delightful place to visit.
Dolley Madison Remember Friends and Foes is the first program in what I hope will be a series of topics. Dolley
Madison met 12 American Presidents and their wives, inventors, politicians and visiting European royalty. She
helped lay the cornerstone of the Washington Monument, was threatened by the invading British in 1812, and was
accused of having not one, but two affairs. You will hear her personal memories of George Washington, Francis
Scott Key and more. America's living legend, Dolley Madison will regale you with little known stories of the famous
and in the infamous.

First Ladies, Part I & II        
Although it's the President of the United States who runs for office, his wife also becomes a very public figure,
often times, to her dismay.  Many a First Lady has shed a tear or two upon learning of her husband's election
victory. This show looks at the personal trials, triumphs and private details of our very public First Ladies. This
topic is broken into two separate shows. First Ladies Part I is Martha Washington to Frances Clara Cleveland. Part
II is Ida McKinley to Michelle Obama.

Holiday Tales       
Storytelling at its best. Heartwarming tales for the holiday season as told by a Victorian Lady. Stories appropriate
for all ages and groups.

Legends and Lies        
Test your knowledge of historical myths and tall tales in this interactive program for all ages. For example, True or
False. As late as 1892 in Rhode Island, a suspected vampire was exhumed and the heart removed and burned. If
you said "True" you just might do well in "Legends and Lies" and win some fabulous prizes.

Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside        
Throughout history, people have fought the elements for survival, and became quite inventing doing it. Surviving
long cold winter days and nights was not just about a fire in the fireplace. It involved special clothing and tools
which carried warmth wherever people traveled, from the carriage to church to bed. And how about boredom
during the long winter imprisonment? What did adults and children do to fight the drag of snow-bound time? Let's
take a peek into the world of winter in history. This is a great show for Christmas.

Say What?        
This interactive game-style show will be exploring the phrases we say and where these phrases developed. For
instance, you might have heard the phrase "balls to the walls". The original meaning is not as colorful as the modern
interpretation. A flyball governor, a control device to gauge RPM on simple machines such as waterwheels or steam
engines, had balls on top. The faster the governor turned, the faster the balls spun. Centrifugal force made the balls
rotate higher and outward, closer to the wall, hence "balls to the walls". So, come play with Sneak Peek
Productions and see if you know when it's "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey

The Dressing Room        
Today, if you see a person walking down the street in a white lab coat, what profession do you assume they
practice? A doctor, of course. But how would you recognize a physician in the 1600s? What was "Burberry" or
"Versace" in the 1850s? You can tell so much about a person by the way they dress. Take a walk down the runway
with Sneak Peek Productions and learn how to differentiate between the haves and the have-nots. Audience
members will be clothed in period fashions from 1550-1900.

The Greatest Show on Earth        
Close your eyes. Envision what it would look like if the world's greatest achievements and inventions were collected
in one place. In 1893, this vision was realized at the Chicago World's Fair. Let Sneak Peek Productions transport
you to a world of wonder filled with light, treasures and forbidden delights.

The History of Sex & Prostitution       
Are you interested in Sex? How about the History of Sex? To be more precise, how about the History of Sex and
Prostitution? This program takes a look at prostitution throughout history and how cultures felt about the “oldest
profession”. We start with pre-history and work our way towards the Victorians. This show is NOT pornography.
No marital aids will be for sale. This is a gritty, no nonsense look at how women made a living throughout history
in often the only career open to them.
This show is strictly for adults only. The material and handouts are mature in

The Jewelry Box
The Victorians loved their jewelry, both men and women. Jewelry was used to send secret messages through the
use of carefully selected stones and symbols, mourn for the departed using jet stones and human hair, and of
course, display wealth and status. New materials and traditional standards were on parade in the Victorian world of
"The Jewelry Box".

Things that Go Bump in the Night       
Ghosts, ghoulies and vampires, oh my! Let's get together and sneak a peek into the dark, deep corners of haunted
New England and some famous international ghosts. You'll sleep with the lights on after this show!

Under the Petticoats        
Have you ever wondered about the day-to-day lives of our Colonial ancestors? Were the good old days really that
good? Exactly how did one use a chamber pot? How many skirts did one woman wear at a time? How often did
they bathe? For answers to these and other fascinating questions, schedule some time peeking Under the Petticoats.

April 15, 2014 marks the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  How much do you really know about the
Titanic? If your knowledge comes from movies or romantic books, you might be in for a surprise.  For instance, it
wasn't just the iceberg that helped to sink the Titanic. But don't let the tragic end of the world's largest ocean liner
overshadow its extravagance. Travel with Sneak Peek aboard the luxurious floating palace that was the Titanic. Fair
warning though. Each audience member will become one of the Titanic's passengers or crew. Some will survive
and some will not.

Victorian Christmas        
The Victorian spirit of Christmas is alive and well in today's modern Christmas traditions. Christmas trees, an
orange in your stocking and holiday cards are quaint gifts from the past. This show will warm your heart and
rekindle the belief in the magic of Christmas.

Victorian Tea Party        
Travel back to the gentle and refined Victorian Age by attending a Victorian Tea party. You supply the tea and cakes
and I’ll supply the calling cards, language of the flowers and etiquette lessons. This is one afternoon which
promises to entertain and educate.

Weddings Unveiled
Modern brides carry flowers, wear something borrow and something blue, and often get carried over the threshold.
These modern traditions have very old roots, sometimes dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. This show
takes a very candid look at engagement, wedding, and wedding night traditions.
This show is strictly for adults only. The material is mature in nature. However, it can be modified to be more
appropriate for sensitive audiences.

"Witches" will look at witchcraft through history from the perspective of the accused and the accusers, with that
special Sneak Peek twist, of course. Audience members may just find themselves accused of witchcraft and a trial
may break out at any moment!
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